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Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a small part of the art of Tantra which brings together a number of disciplines such as Tantric yoga, tantric meditation, tantric breathing and tantric sex.
What is it?
Tantric Massage is a relatively new phenomenon and has been steadily gaining in popularity even beyond some cosmopolitan places, it can be difficult to find a Tantric Massage therapist.
It is also difficult to define Tantric massage. As there is no standard, each therapist can offer something different. So you can never be quite sure what one gets when one hears the term "tantric massage". It is often used as a buzzword for a simple sensual or sexual massage.
One of the main objectives of Tantra (and Tantric Massage) is to awaken the Kundalini. Kundalini is an internal vital energy that lies at the base of the spine (sacrum). To awaken this powerful energy can take years of practice devoted to different disciplines of the Tantric art.
Once awakened, the Kundalini will spread from its resting place under the sacrum up the spine, by conveying the vitality and healing, sometimes circulating throughout the body. Kundalini is known to infuse a very high amount of energy to a person, and has the power to cure almost all ailments, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.
Why tantric arts win, for some time, so popular in our culture is due to one of its side effects, the most enjoyable. When the Kundalini is awakened, or extended, it also awakens the sexual energy in the body. Kundalini is distinct from sexual energy, but the two are linked and interdependent. So when the Kundalini is released from its "hibernation", it is the same for sexual energy. Parallel to the Kundalini, it is channeled and distributed throughout the body. Needless to say, this can be very nice, but it is important to keep in mind that it is only a side effect of the healing power of Kundalini.
What makes it different tantric massage is that it is intentionally exciting, sensually speaking. Thanks to the quality and subtlety of touch, the inner sensual energy is stimulated and spreads throughout the body, creating a state of pleasure and happiness, as if you touch the heart of your being.
Under the hands of a skilled practitioner, energy, or Kundalini is raised and transported through the energy centers (Chakras) and energy channels (Nadis). The result is a feeling of lightness and tingling that radiates throughout the body and brain, spreading a regenerating energy balancing and healing all the way to be. You'll get a taste of the experience of Tantra.

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