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Finding the time to take a relaxing break in the office, when you are very busy and stressed by his work, sometimes would be impossible. This relaxation exercise can be done in a short time while sitting at her desk and regular practice will have long term benefits.

Difficulty: Easy 
Time: 10 minutes
This exercise is performed, holding and taking a set of muscles for a count of 5, then relaxing the same set of muscles following the same time. When you tense each set of muscle, do it as hard as you can. When you release the grip, try to be as relaxed as possible.
Sit up straight, back against the back of the chair, feet flat on the floor and hands on the thighs.
If possible, close your eyes. This will help you relax a little while you may very well do the exercise, keeping your eyes open. Do not tighten your eyelids drop naturally.
  1. Breathe in slowly through your nose, counting to 5. Hold your breath the same time and then exhale slowly, counting to five again. Repeat.
  2. Start with the soft muscles of the feet. Lift your feet off the ground and stretch your toes towards you while keeping your heels on the floor. Count slowly to five.
  3. Release the socket and gently rest your feet. Feel the difference between relaxing and the moment of tension in your muscles. Count to five.
  4. Then contract your thigh muscles as hard as you can.Hold for a count of five and then relax the muscles and count to five.
  5. Tighten your abdominal muscles and hold for a count of 5. Relax the muscles for the same count. Make sure you always sit up straight.
  6. Straighten the arms and hands muscles clenching his fists as hard as you can. Hold the break count of 5 and then relax the muscles completely for a count of 5.
  7. Squeeze the upper back by pulling the shoulders back as if you were trying to touch your shoulder blades.Keep up to 5 and release for a count of 5.
  8. Contract your shoulders, lifting toward the ears as if you haussiez shoulders and hold until 5. Then release the count of 5.
  9. Stiffen your neck slowly leaning his head back (to look like the ceiling) and hold up to 5. Relax for a count of 5. Lean then head gently forward and hold up to 5. Relax for a count of 5.
  10. Then contract your facial muscles. First open your mouth wide and stick to 5. Release the count of 5. Then lift the eyebrows up and keep up 5. Release counting to 5. Finally tighten eyes tightly shut 5. Release and keep up (with eyes closed and relaxed) for a count of 5.
  11. Finish the exercise with breathing. Breathe in slowly through your nose, counting to 5. Hold your breath the same time. Then exhale slowly, counting to five again.Repeat 4 times.


Perform this exercise every time you need to relax, plane, car or anywhere when you are sitting.
Over time, if you practice regularly, this exercise will help you identify the points of tension in your body. You will be able to relax these muscles without performing the full year. In practice at least twice a day for long-term results.
You can also develop your own relaxation exercise by adding muscle groups. Log eg your areas of tension, then squeeze and relax these areas in the same way.
Maximize the benefits of this relaxation exercise by visualizing a peaceful scene (a place where you would feel relaxed) at the end of the year. Consider this scene for at least 5 minutes.

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