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How to do excellent Baby massage ?

How to do Baby massage?

Massaging your baby is not a technical gesture, but instinctive. "There are baby massage workshops, explains Cécile Cortet-Pham, but the goal is not to come out with a ready-made method. For parents, it is especially and above all, gain self-confidence and the feeling of being able to reproduce instinctively movements when you will be alone. "One can quite have the urge to massage her baby, but do not dare to start. Faced with a being so small and fragile (apparently) some apprehension is legitimate. "Intuitively, we are able to know what we can do or not, but for some of us, it is important that actions are validated, endorsed by an expert. "Through the workshops, parents who wish may learn some gestures, but above all, ensuring their own ability to massage their child.

When the massage becomes a habit

When the massage becomes a habit, it is established very quickly as a ritual, an appointment affection between parent and child. "It is often the massage session begins talking to her baby, saying what we will do, and accessories is prepared (oil, cover ...), removing her rings, her bracelets. All signs that mark the child and allow him to get in condition. "And to know that a baby like massages? "Just in general to observe during this time of preparation. If he shows his enthusiasm makes you smiles, babbles, it's his way to say that he expects pleases. Quite simply. "

The 5 golden rules for successful massage

- Choose the right moment to itself, as for her child, the massage must remain a time for sharing and wellness. So it should not be forced or made reluctantly, in the haste and stress.

- Be installed: 

Unable to relax in an uncomfortable position. Whether we choose to massage her baby standing in front of the changing table, kneeling on the ground or sitting on his bed, the key is to feel comfortable.

- Treating atmosphere: 

While it is possible to massage a baby through her clothes, it is generally stripped, so it is important that the room is well heated. The light can be dimmed.

- Avoid external stimuli: 

noise (TV, street ...), prevents relaxation, while in contrast, favors the sweet music. Toys also can be removed to allow the child to stay focused on his sensations.

- Focus on gestures:

 If the massage is not necessarily technical, it must nevertheless be carried out carefully. The baby will be more confident and reassured if the gestures are firm and secure. Moreover, it is best to always operate symmetrically (one leg and then the other, one foot then the other ...) to help even more children to become aware of its body and its members.

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