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What are the benefits of Baby massage ?

Baby massage

In many societies, especially in Asia and Africa, baby massage is a tradition, just as swaddling or porting in a sling. This little ritual is primarily a moment of relaxation and complicity between parent and child, but not only. Massage can also help infants to become aware of their bodies and relieve some of their pain (colic, teething ...).
"Through massaging their baby, the parents will be able to communicate and create a bond with their child, says Cecile Cortet-Pham, masseuse, physical therapist specializing in perinatal care.
It is an intense moment of exchange, first by touch, but also the look and speech. The important thing is to be aware that this is not necessarily a technical movement, and he often goes through a phase of experimentation. This touch, which has been lost in our society, is instinctive. You just have to give time to tame. "

What are the benefits of these massages?

Parents who choose to massage their babies do, primarily, to share with him a moment of tenderness and complicity. Because this is where the primary purpose of massage: enabling them to establish, by touch, emotional communication with their child. The skin has this amazing ability to beings in contact with each other. Love, security, appeasement ... the emotions do not always need things named, they can also be transmitted through the skin and there are many sensations that pass through massage. It puts all sensors in our body in motion, including our hormones. Indeed, the touch also promotes the stimulation of oxytocin, which is none other than the hormone of attachment.

But if the massage is performed in order to provide welfare to her baby, it has other benefits. It also allows the child to become aware of his own body, and this, both by touch but also by speech. That's why moms and dads are encouraged to talk to their baby during the massage: "I now take your little foot, and I go back slowly to the top of your leg ...".

Finally, like most practiced massage for adults, baby massage can also relieve pain or tension and have a therapeutic aim. Thus, some actions can reduce colic pain of newborns or later, those teething.

When is massaging her baby?

A newborn can be massaged in the first days after birth, from the time when parents feel ready to do so. The first time, the massage lasts only a few minutes, then it goes progressively as the child gets used to it. The most important thing is to know find the right time for the child but for the parent. "Look, we warned Cortet-Cécile Pham, babies are not always available for a massage. With time and experience you learn to recognize the good times. But parents also need to learn to isolate themselves when time is available. Massage is a relaxing, it should not necessarily be stowed away in an overloaded schedule, otherwise it loses its positive character. "Knowing that her baby is available for a massage nothing obvious. Each child is unique, the signals are different for everyone. Nevertheless, as and parents learn about their child, they can identify the best times for a massage, for example those where the child is awake and cheerful (he smiles, babbles ...).

"To be able to share a moment of well-being with her baby, says Cécile Cortet-Pham, it is really necessary to be yourself relaxed. Before massaging her baby, it is sometimes beneficial to take a few minutes to release its own tensions to arise and refocus. Because it is only feeling oneself this state of relaxation and relaxation that we can then pass it on to her baby. "

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