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Exercises massage marmas

The nervousness you win and you do not always know how to relax? The massage certain points of the face can give you quick relief.

A typical day is spiced with many small irritations. However, this accumulation of tension tiredness our body and lowers the immune system.
Hence the need to relax! But how to relax discreetly? Massage vosmarmas, is fast and discreet! What are marmas? These are points on the face that are used in Indian Ayurvedic massages. The contact of these items balance all that thereto systems. Whether the digestive system, respiratory and eliminatory ... Their rebalancing relaxes the body.

How to massage each point

You can massage your marmas almost everywhere. It must however ensure that your spine is straight, both feet are in contact with the ground and your breathing is deep and ventral. You can practice this massage on oneself, a friend or other person.

Although Marma map is close to that of acupressure or do-in, massage is different. Do not rely heavily on these points. Quite the contrary! Massage is effective if you lightly touch the item concerned as if the fingertip grazed the skin. This massage is more of a rustle.

For best results, you must maintain contact for twenty seconds or more, the ideal being to maintain this position for one minute. During the implementation of massages, it is essential to have a positive thought.

In the middle of the chin to start

Le point in the middle of the chin refers to any regard to the body front panel, the front side. That is why we must begin by brushing this point for two minutes before any other manipulation.

Just under the nose to calm down

C'est pressing gently under the nose between the nostrils, that you put yourself in relation to the entire rear surface of the body. As for the point in the middle of the chin, it is advisable to begin to stimulate this area before treating a particular problem. For effective results, the ideal is to maintain this position for two minutes at least. This point also governs our emotional field. So that he should touch when we want to regain some calm after a strong emotion, after a fit of anger, for example. Moreover, this also affects muscle cramps. So do not hesitate to use them if you suffer from cramps after playing sports or if they wake you frequently during the night.

Between the eyebrows to relax

C'est just above the nose that is the area that manages our nerves. Awareness of this part of the face thus facilitates general relaxation of the body. For maximum effect, the ideal is to combine this massage with the points of the chin and nose. Chronologically, pressing the chin, the nose and between the eyebrows. If you suffer from sinusitis or headache, this massage will also have a positive effect.

On the temples to relieve stress

Votre dentist noticed a wear of your molars and you grind your teeth at night. Beware of tensions jaw revealing an almost chronic stress! The tension that is focused at this point can cause tinnitus, frequent in stressed people. To overcome these obstacles, often of emotional origin, press the point of the chin and nose, then place your two major temples on each side. And wait for a minute listening to you breathe.

On each side of the nose to unwind

Vous are tense? You tighten the jaws? This voltage can be read on your face that appears contracted. This exercise will promote the relaxation of the face. But also concerns a different symptom. If you have problems with smell or chronic sinusitis, it will help to remove these bottlenecks. It must massage the starting points and the two points on each side of the nose and finally the point that lies between the eyebrows.

The corners of the mouth to better digest

Les corners of the mouth are connected to the stomach. By applying the two ear on its commissure, after stimulating the points of the chin and nose, it affects the digestive organ. This slight pressure improves the treatment of the ulcer. So do not deprive yourself wearing your fingers to the mouth!

On the outer corners of the eyes to eliminate

La gallbladder is often sensitive to stress organ. By touching the outer corners of the eyes, that body is drained. Start by stimulating the point of the chin, the point of the nose and finally every corner of the eyes, and at the same time with both index. The ideal is to massage each point for a minute.

In the center of the forehead to better focus

Manque decision making, confusion, uncertainty, lack of concentration ... Your ideas are not really clear? Stimulate trigger points (in the chin and nose). Then place your index localized spot right in the middle of the forehead. Hold for one minute.

At the end of the eyebrows to rest your eyes

Vous experiencing visual fatigue? You feel that your vision problems are intensifying? After pressing the start points (points of the chin and nose), ask each of your index finger on the corner of your eyebrows by breathing very deeply for one to two minutes. You will not want to rub your eyes and your vision will be clarified.

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