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Introduction to Massage

Massage is a pleasant experience to SHARE with someone.


Here are some tips to help you prepare for a massage:

Close the door key and unplug the téléphoneSoyez sure that you have time to spend with your partner. A massage is not the kind of experience you need précipiter.Créez subdued lighting. Lighting should be soft and indirect. The candle is perfect. Even the sunlight entering through a window in the afternoon is not conseillée.Vous could do it in silence. Although we all like Barry White or other soft sensual music, you might prefer a quiet room. This will help you feel and hear what your partner want apprécie.Vous that the room is warm. About 25 degrees enable a partner to be naked confortable.Assurez sure your hands are warm. You can do this by rubbing them well or taking a bath ensemble.Propreté. Although it is not essential to be clean before a massage, your partner will definitely be more relaxed if your hands are clean. The massage will involve every part of the body including places like behind the ears and between the toes. Be sure your partner will feel comfortable taking a bath. You could also make sure that your nails are clean and trimmed (not necessarily short, just not to scratch) .Arome. A sweetly scented candle will provide warmth, light, and fragrance that will create the atmosphere. Women may prefer a lighter fragrance more floral (such as rose or jasmine). Men may prefer a scent like cedar or a pronnoncé sandalwood and boisé.Vous want to give a massage on a flat, firm surface. A firm mattress is good, pillows on the floor are good too. A massage table is perhaps even better, but not everyone has not.The Receiver massage should prepare as he prepares for bed He might want to take off her clothes, her makeup and brushing teeth. He is about to experience something special and might want to sleep or make love (or both) after.

The main principles

Here are some tips that you should always follow:

It is recommended to maintain contact constantavec your partner. When you move to different parts of the body do it in a continuous manner. Keeping up using massage to unfold smoothly and increases intimité.Employez pressure for your partner. Listen to his answers and let him tell you what the right pression.Prenez your time. Relax and enjoy this intimate moment ensemble.Maintenez rhythmic movements, equal and symmetrical. Following gentle practice, your partner can better understand what is happening and will relax more profondément.Employez oil or massage cream. One or the other allows your hands to slide smoothly on your partner. The effect of hot oil propagating smoothly on the whole body is absolutely delicious. When you move into new body parts, first spread a hot oil with your hands. This is an amazing prelude to massage.

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