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Baby massage, benefits and tips

Baby massage, benefits and tips
Many cultures have used massage as skincare item for the baby for hundreds of years, and research shows that it can have many benefits.

Massage allows you to learn and respond to body language of your baby. It's also a wonderful way to make your baby feel safe and secure by showing him that you love and you give it your full attention. There is no single way to massage your baby from the moment you know how to do it safely, and your baby will discover what is best for you both. However, it is important to remember that massage is something you do with your baby rather than your baby.

In fact, the baby massage begins already in the womb and intensifies during birth. The strong contractions of the uterus massage the baby and stimulate the nervous system and organs, promoting circulation and muscle development for life outside the womb. The vernix, a white fatty substance covering the baby's skin, moisturizes and protects the baby in the womb. It is rich in vitamin K and is considered the "best massage oil." Some tribal cultures leave the vernix on the newborn for two or three days before washing the baby by hand using only hot water. A natural oil is then applied to hydrate sensitive skin. Some hospitals are recognizing the benefits of vernix and did not immediately removed. It is believed that let a little reduces the incidence for the baby to develop skin infections.

Massage can be done by both the mother and father, and provides a unique opportunity to bind to the newborn. In the first months of baby you have a lot of physical contact with him. Whenever possible, make light caresses, with or without oil or lotion. It is a natural instinct to rub baby and enjoy. In the bath, use a natural baby soap or a mixture of oil. (Always Keep eye products as they can affect vision and sting). Dry the baby emmitouflant in a warm, soft fabric.

The benefits of baby massage

Baby massage provides a perfect opportunity to share intimate moments of physical contact and positive interaction. It helps you build trust towards each other. The physical and emotional benefits for your baby are numerous.


Promotes muscle coordination
Promotes sleep
Relieves pain
Soothes irritations and inflammations
Stimulates the baby's immune system
Help Traffic
Aids digestion
Promotes intestinal functions
Nourishes the skin
Cleanses the skin
Improves flexibility
Increases emotional security
Do not perform the massage if your baby:

Is sick
Obviously suffering from pain
Comes just eating
Received a vaccine (wait two days for any reaction, then avoid massaging the site of the injection for a week)
In a burst of skin
Some homeopathic medicines should not be used with essential oils for aromatherapy. Check with your doctor. A natural base oil can be used alone.
The environment

Create a harmonious environment in which baby massage.

Always always wash hands
Cut long nails not to hurt baby
Remove jewelry
Do not wear a short-sleeved everything and anything on which you would you mind getting the oil (as is more than likely!)
Create a comfortable environment
The room should be warm, draft-free
Make sure you are sitting comfortably
Try to sit down on the edge of a cushion with your feet in front of you. If you prefer to stand, you can use the changing table
Place your baby on a cotton surface, soft and clean
Stop your thoughts
Pay attention to your breathing and create a rhythm, inflating both your chest and your abdomen as you inhale slowly.
Then breathe slowly and deeply than you have inspired.
The secret of a good massage

Throughout the session, continue to talk to your baby. Communication helps him relax. Look at your baby's eyes. Your hands and wrists should be relaxed and your fingers together. The secret of a good massage is to create as many contacts as possible, using the entire surface of your hands, especially your palms. Search rhythm, with slow movements. Massage is like a intuitive dance. Be firm with pressure. Your baby is stronger than you think. You can stop at any time, then come back and pick up where you left off.

You are not required to perform all the exercises in each massage. If your baby is crying and does not stop, do not continue the massage. Your baby and you need to consider massage as a happy event. The following exercises are indications. He may want to change the order, omit certain movements or adpater them until you and your baby become more at ease with each other.

Introduction to Massage

You can start with a light massage of ten minutes putting you both on a soft towel. This massage can be done daily after bath or integrated in a complete massage baby. This is a good exercise for a newborn who can not stay quiet for long.

- Tilt your baby slightly to the side, and with hands well-oiled, rub gently around the shoulders and side. Try to make your moves as long and continuous as possible. It is likely that your baby squirms a bit at first. Make little clicking noises with your tongue can sometimes focus attention and often prevent them from launching into a generalized session crying. Babies love the pace.

- Always inclined, use slow and wide circular movements on one side of the back to the buttocks.

- Massage the back of the hips, lower spine and buttocks with slow circles outward.

- Turn your baby to the other side and repeat the three movements.

- Then put your baby on your back and place your hands at the base of his spine. Using firm and considered movements, go around his ass and pull both hands simultaneously to the bottom of the legs, straightening and gently stretching the baby's legs together with your thumbs sliding smoothly on top of legs and wrapping the greatest possible flesh. You'll need a generous amount of oil on your hands to do it well. Change each movement by slightly turning your wrists to cover as much area as possible inside and outside the baby's legs.

- Beginning with both hands on the baby bust, stroke up and around her shoulders and down along his arms to the fingertips. Again, use the entire surface of your hand and vary the angle of each movement to cover the greatest possible flesh.

- Place one hand flat on the baby belly and hold for ten seconds. Then, keeping your baby with the other hand on the side, make circles slowly and gently on her belly. This can be a sensitive sector. If your baby resists, hold your hand still for a moment before slowly resuming circles.

- Place your baby against you, his belly against yours, and slowly rub his back down, alternating movements, going very slowly when you switch on the column. The top-down movement has a calming effect on the nervous system of your baby. Separate then your hands slightly so that each hand rub one side of the back and alternate movements. Maintain a steady and continuous pace, never forgetting to communicate with your baby.

- Finish with a kiss on her forehead!

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