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Californian massage

From the same family as the Swedish massage and the massage Esalen, which it shares certain movements, the Californian massage is characterized by long fluid and harmonious movements that envelop the body, carried out in a variable rate with a listening concern and sweetness .
Vigorous manipulations, selected based on customer requirements, enable a greater muscle relaxation while stretching and swings invite to retire and lead the body to sensory profusion. The use of oil promotes the art of contact and contributes to the fluidity of the massage.


In the early 1970s was born the Californian massage: in the context of psychotherapy in working groups at the center of Esalen in Big Sur, California (search for real relationships, expression of feelings and personal growth) the participants lived strong and sometimes painful emotions. They courageously exposed, revealing intimate facets of their personality and living great moments of vulnerability. Their need more lying at a reassuring affection, a willingness to be rocked, relax and inner unification, that created them a desire for mutual support and physical gathering.

So all these affectionate and abstract exchanges emerged what became the Californian massage. Margareth Elke, a follower of the Swedish massage, excited by the gentle massage Esalen, has largely contributed to what she had practiced, to codify, structure and teach in a professional manner this new massage, to United States and France.


This massage, yet simple to learn and intuitive by nature difficult to monitor by listening, understanding and perception of the anatomy requires it, is an art to discover and develop!

First, the Californian massage is a relaxing massage. The long global movements that frame more specific work invite the person to discover the body, to love and unite, to re-centralize. Through this wonderful inner journey, the person can understand parts of his body asleep, a hidden emotion behind a voltage or simply his divine essence. This massage is based on an unconditional reception where everything is played in the present moment. It is this whole which gives a unique color to the Californian massage. This is probably why we give him all sorts of names like relational massage, sensitive massage or even "touch the heart".


It goes without saying that the quality of the relationship between the massage therapist and the client is essential. The first meeting is crucial; it is through it that is established dynamics. This beautiful exchange depend on the quality of reception. At first, the recipient trust the therapist is fragile, it must be built and developed. The role of the donor, is to strengthen that trust by respecting the integration and personal rebuilding its patient capacity.

The integrity of the professional plays a key role here. That's the extent of his simplicity, his respect, his authenticity, his love and his faith in the other he will foster the emergence of mutual trust.


The most capable of promoting the patient's susceptibility but also the donor is breathing tool. This is why the person receiving the massage is invited, once extended on the table, to be aware of the air cycle in his body, nostrils to the pit of her stomach. More breathing is full, smooth, natural, more able to fully achieve its internal dimension. This training in breathing is not obvious to all. Also, the therapist has a particularly important role as guide, coach and teacher at this level. With the abandonment of the recipient and the approach of respect, love and reception of the massage therapist, massage dynamics can be established.


At a session of Californian massage, the patient is lying on his stomach on a couch or massage table. At the beginning of massage, the patient receives a light massage on the back. This is intended to give him extreme relaxation and allow the practitioner to feel good breath to know when it will begin more intense movements throughout the body length. As these long races will be deeper, the practitioner can identify the tense parts of the body and focus it to relieve tension. Once back massaged the body, the patient will be asked to turn around and the practitioner will massage while the other side using the same fluid motion and relieving. For a Californian massage, body members are often raised, drawn or balanced. These movements must promote relaxation and release the possible tensions.

A Californian massage is performed with scented oils to promote the sliding movements on the body and also help with relaxation. The duration of a Californian massage is quite variable, depending on where it is practiced, the practitioner and the patient. Generally, a Californian massage lasts at least an hour, usually about two hours.

A Californian massage offers many benefits:

Release stress: the Californian massage with its slow, long and fluid movements is considered one of the most effective massage to relieve stress.
Relax: thanks to the length of most Californian massage with warm oils that are used with fluid movements, the patient out of a Californian massage session feeling relaxed extrêmememt.
Improving Global Health: when people experience discomfort in their body, this may adversely affect their physical and mental well-being. As the Californian massage provides relief from this stress, the results are often improved physical and mental health.
Improve circulation: the Californian massage, like many other massage improves circulation of blood and other body fluids in the body.
Benefits, limitations, against-indications

The benefits are many and various. It is a support for the physical well-being, nervous, emotional, mental and spiritual and contributes in this context to:

Better irrigation of tissues, with the drainage of the venous and lymphatic circulation.
A return to nervous balance thanks to the soothing effect caused by the stimulation of many nerve endings during the application of massage.
A psychological effect leading to the development of the individual, promoting the structuring of personality, a better perception of his body and improvements in self-esteem and the concept of responsibility.
A connection to our inner source, by listening to the messages our bodies send us in this space externalizing.
The Californian massage can be especially beneficial for people scattered, anxious, stressed, or who need to rencentrer, offering them a return to themselves, a sweet moment of abandonment in interior silence ...

For people who live great changes in their body (babies, children, adolescents, pregnant women, aging, thinning ...), this approach will allow them to become aware of this transformation and to integrate harmoniously. People in therapy or who have experienced trauma such as sexual abuse or violence ... physical or verbal find it a good complement to their approach. By awakening their body memory, they can make essential progress in creating the necessary space for emotional release previously trapped in the armor of their bodies. They will be able to unify the physical and psychological aspect of their lives.

People who simply aspire to be more in tune with their bodies will also benefit greatly by the discovery of new domestic perspectives.

By depth or softness, for its domestic and global, the Californian massage used to assess the physical and mental relaxation, and touch the essence of his being; and he brings peace to our hearts.

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