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For a mild spring evening Shanghainese, yet I was not party to the unknown, on the contrary: I just wanted to take my good cupping massage weekly habit.
Not having been massaged me since my return to my country, I joined my Chinese colleagues who went to what they told me to be a very good show, where masseurs have a therapeutic approach.

Except ... the last few weeks I have a little pain in the back, and I informed my new masseur He has spent more than half of the session (one hour) to go after a small part of my body in the pelvis. And when he asked me (in Mandarin) cupping, I did not realize exactly what it was, and saw his convincing tone of the type that's exactly what you need for this kind of pain, I could not refuse ...

In fact, you know what a sucker? the application looks like this:

The suction cup is a glass container and bell for treatment through a suction effect on the skin. To heat the air and induce a vacuum as it cools, it inserts a swab of rubbing alcohol and ignited in the container - which is impressive when it goes to 2 centimeters of your back. The flame extinguished spontaneously when the air is consumed. The cup is then applied to the back of the person to be treated, so that, by cooling, by its contraction it produces a powerful suction effect. Our grandmothers used it to treat bronchitis ...

In traditional Chinese medicine, cupping is applied at specific locations corresponding to acupuncture points chosen depending on the condition being treated, or the cups are mobilized on areas along the energy meridians. And yes, for Chinese medicine, disease or pain is a lock sign: it means that the fundamental energy circulates more or evil. Chinese sucker restores the blood circulation and, consequently, energy.

My masseur treated me that way because I would have taken a cold snap in the back, and I would have too much moisture inside my body. With the humidity and the air conditioning Shanghai's lit continuously to bottom, it seems to me very possible ... Except that I did not measure the enthusiasm of my masseur therapist: he put no less than 12 suckers applied only 5 minutes, but that left me nice and neat violets - who will leave in a week. And the effect in? for now, hard to say. I slept very well after the massage, and the next day the pain seems less acute. A view on the medium term ...

And you, do you know? Are there followers who wish to share their experience here ?!

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