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The origins of the cup, thousands of years old

Since ancient times, all civilizations have used the virtues of the cup for various therapeutic purposes. In fact, the oldest manuscript mentioning this object was found among treated in ancient Egypt, written about 1500 BC. The medical story of great antiquity, already evoked the usefulness of the cup for preventing and treating health problems.

The use of the cup in History

For millennia, the Chinese know, too, the therapeutic properties of the cup. Cattle horn and bamboo-based cuts, these were daily-used in the local folk culture. Subsequently, they were broadcast in modern Chinese physicians, evolving into more contemporary forms, small metal vases - more effective - pump suction cups.


Traditional uses of the cup

Better known in Europe under the name devacuothérapie, cupping - usually glass or bamboo - are positioned to drain negative energy, blocking sources. They come in various models, with sizes larger or smaller: it is thus possible to arrange them at will, on several parts of the body, according to individual needs. Note that even though they may be used alone, it is not unusual to associate them with acupuncture needles, thus optimizing their actions and the heat.

The concrete action of the suction cup

Positioned at the areas which the customer suffers in particular, the cup holds parphénomène suction. Thanks to its active ingredient, this item can suck impurities and toxins clogging the pores, thus giving back to the skin its softness and elasticity. Meanwhile, the suction created stimulates the flow of the body, along the lines of a better blood circulation and various liquid indispensable to the proper functioning of the body.


The steps of a massage to the effective suction cup

Traditionally a session lasts one hour. The practitioner begins sterilize its suction cups, burning a cotton he introduced into the container and then immediately apply it on the areas to treat. The flame is extinguished by removing the air, thus creating a heat zone therein. The suction cup is finally removed when the skin turns blue or purple.

Associate massage to the suction cup to the tenets of Chinese medicine

If the client wishes, it is possible to apply cupping to acupuncture points defined in a preliminary interview, to better locate disorders to treat. Thus, as the specific methods reflexology, massage in the cup can help in stimulating specific meridians, to enjoy a satisfactory harmony attributed to a better flow of vital energy of the body.


Many different physiological properties

By both local and global action cupping help customers feel better about her body. Loosened its energy blockages, it has parallel, better muscle amplitude, while noting the total disappearance of its potential aches. In addition, by helping traffic to be more smoothly, this technique allows the body to better mobilize its immune defenses to fight against various diseases.

Real psychological benefits

Beyond its practical action on our body, the cup holds psychological virtues absolutely acommodations. Promoting better oxygenation of the brain, she encourages him to produce more endorphins and other molecules that regulate our mood and emotions. Finally, use this traditional method, quite natural, is a good alternative to drugs against insomnia, anxiety or depression.

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