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The massage cupping is used in the East for a long time, the massage cupping is a therapeutic method. Part of traditional Chinese medicine, this massage works deep.
The cupping massage is also known as energy massage. Indeed, it allows to resolve energy blockages and generates a renewed vitality. Used alone or with acupuncture needles, cupping evacuate negative energies at the areas of blockages. Its concept is based on the warming of the air inside the cup (glass or bamboo) creating a vacuum before applying the treatment. This technique heals internal injuries and boosts blood flow resulting in better discharge our waste through efficient drainage. It is
practiced by eliminating the oxygen in the glass bell by passing a flame inside. The cup is then applied on the skin for about twenty minutes and acts by suction on the body part to be treated.

The benefits of massage cupping

The suction cups placed on the body has demonstrated many therapeutic effects. The all-natural treatment requires no medical support; it presents no risk except slight burns if the cups are applied too long on the treatment area. Acting by suction, this type of massage stimulates the blood, improves microcirculation, contributes to the decongestion and helps eliminate toxins. Its application improves the flexibility and quality of skin, toning the skin. In general, this type of massage promotes muscle relaxation and provides an overall balance of the body. Since it is deep, it allows the patient to recover faster with increased immunity.

The massage cupping and acupuncture

The massage cupping is constantly evolving though it is basically a traditional Chinese medicine. It is used as part of the masochistic-physiotherapy, obstetrics and more widely in the field of acupuncture in the heart of Chinese medicine to treat lung diseases. Indeed, the suction cups can be used to complement acupuncture needles. It involves placing needles on acupuncture points before cupping. In Chinese acupuncture, the use of suction cups gradually stimulates energy blockages. This practice is developed for the treatment of certain diseases and disorders such as insomnia, stress, back pain, joint pain, cardiovascular disorders, but also bronchial problems.

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