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Massage Cupping ™ is a soft and pleasant technique, non - invasive that provides powerful results including:

Reduce the cellulite
Reducer pain
Mobilize the articulations
Favorise the lymphatics
Reducer drainage and improve the appearance of cicatrices
Short recovery time and improve results with pre care / post chirurgicaux
Libérer contractures musculaires
Improve facial aesthetics and body
Help during programs amincissement
Improve athletic performance and recovery after efforts Aider in programs "detox"

In which cases can I use Massage Cupping ™?

Insomnia and anxiety Cellulite pain chronics Cicatrices and adherence Constipation Maladies Inflammatory intestinal Migraines, tension headaches, circulatory sinusitis Troubles, varicose veins and lymphatic varicoses Edema of Stace Sciatic, sciatic Blockage articulaire and tendinitis fascists plantaire Stress and musculaire desfunction steadfastly of injury to the temperamentally joint and congestion mandibulaire Fibromyalgie Ménopause
Inflammation pulmonaire Intoxication

Massage Cupping ™ is constantly evolving and new applications are discovered regularly thanks to the creativity of its practitioners.

Techniques to relieve the inflammation, regulate the nervous system, mobilize and move the stagnant liquids, hydrate and nourish the tissues can be used in acute and chronic disorders and for all ages!

The face

Lifting- facial drainage
Massage Cupping ™ face was created from the discovery of micro-glass suction cups. This treatment can be performed easily in minutes, and is simply a manual method of "lifting". Key benefits include: better local circulation of the skin, improving the nutrition and oxygenation of the cells, stimulating the natural elasticity of the skin with a better assimilation of bulbs, masks and serums. The use of suction cups on the face is remarkable to relieve sinus congestion and clean the stagnant fluids, including dark circles, while the eyebrows show of youth! Work on the face with the suction cups also helps loosen stiff muscles associated with disorders of temperamental joint. Wrinkles visibly diminish with Cupping Massage ™, and saturated or rosacea skin cleans quickly. Massage cupping can prepare all surgeries to improve results face...

The body

L'utilisation suckers for body care gives amazing results when combined with an aromatic treatment with essential oils like "Aroma Cocoon", for example to promote weight reduction, stop smoking ....

Adding VacuTherapies ™ sessions in the care of the body, not only improves the absorption of the applied products, but helps the flow of stagnant fluids. Although it is not recommended to combine ™ cupping massage with harsh scrubs, it fits easily into most body care practiced in aesthetics.

Almost all forms of massage can be improved by adding Cupping Massage ™. The wide range of equipment and machines that are now available enables a variety of applications and treatments.

magnetic suction cups

Les sets of magnetic lifters allow additional uses in cupping massage, to care for injuries, pain management, neuropathy, scar reduction, joint problems, and scoliosis. reflexology treatments for hands, feet and face are easily achieved with magnetic suction cups that can also be used on trigger points, the neurolymphatique points and points "tsubos" shiatsu. These powerful tools are used for alkalizing acidified tissues, allowing the release old toxins, improve blood and lymph circulation. Another age-old tool that has found modern applications with exciting results!

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